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impactDon’t ever question the value of volunteers. Noah’s Ark was built by volunteers;
the Titanic was built by professionals~Unknown


Brian S-

Oceanside CA

“I actually implemented my VSM after I submitted it to my director yesterday…they loved it!”

Bryan L.

Oceanside CA

“I want to thank you for the opportunties you provided me with, last week I met with a vocational rehab representative. He was able to assist me with getting voc rehab along with my appeal for disability. This type of service would not have been possible without you, thank you very much for your mentorship.”

Capt Noel. W

Oceanside CA

“I am absolutely impressed with the level of professionalism you and your staff displayed this weekend. You all genuinely show that the focus is on the service member. Your class was well worth my weekend and I see it as a benefit.”

Jeffery O.

Oceanside CA

“Well the interview went REALLY well and thanks to you I was able to percieve the various body languages and motions made by the three interviewers. Your teaching of re-directing, making the interview personal, expressing ideas and opinions, and recognizing posture shifts made the difference.”



Are you passionate about helping our military service members transition back into civilan life successfully? They can with your help!

Please consider volunteering with VTS by joining our team. It takes a village to create a successful program. VTS is seeking more team members to help us spread the word.

What a types of volunteers do we need? All types! We need help with food serving and preparing at our events at Camp Pendleton. We need Website designers, photographers, Videographers, Data Entry, Counselors, Resume Writers, Employers, Human Resource Managers, Greeters, Event Staff, volunteers to work in the office in Tustin California There is always something that needs to be done.

volunteer images
volunteer images


Gas Cards – $150 for a service member to get to their job until their first pay check arrives.

Osha 30 Hour Card- $ 300 for a service member to get an advanced Civilian Certification Card

Guard Card- $ 200 to pay for a service members guard card

Lean Certification – $150- to pay for a service member to get a Lean Certification certificate

Event Food –$350 – Meal for 1 Reintegration Program Event (feeds 200)

Event Food –$300 Hamburger/Hot Dog Barbeque for 200 service members

Event Food –25.00 Resume, Career planning work book for veteran to use while they map out and plan their transitioning goals.

100% of your Tax Deductable Donation goes to a help a Veteran

All contributions are vital to our continued success, which allows VTS to stay focused on our mission and that is to bridge the gap reintegrationg gap between Military Service and Civilian Life. Please accept our heartfelt gratitude and our assurance that your donation (both in monetary and in-kind items) will used to support to our returning service members. Your tax deductible contributions directly affect VTS’s ability to provide and sponsor all aspects of the veteran participants’ employment search. This includes program operations, resume preparation, career event participation, tools, gas cards, working clothing, uniform, bus passes, renewal license fees, guard cards, OSHA training and much more.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, the services provided by VTS are possible only with the continued and generous tax deductible contributions of compassionate individual and corporate supporters.

Join VTS in Serving Our Veterans