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No Cost 14 Day Armed Security Officer Training For Unemployed Veterans

No Cost 14 Day Armed Security Training for Unemployed Veterans with DD-214 and finished with Terminal Leave training in Los Angeles, Long Beach and San Diego (Spring 2017). Here is a preview of the areas covered in the “14- Day No Cost Armed Security Officer Training” . Training Certifications Received AT NO COST TO YOU! ALL PERMITS ARE PAID FOR by The School

Powers to Arrest
Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) & Terrorism Awareness
Public Relations
Parking/Traffic Control
Baton: Straight/Side Handle PR24/Expandable
Crowd Control
Arrest, Search & Seizure
Liability/Legal Aspects
Observation & Documentation
Firearm Training & Range Safety & Qualification
Communication & Its Significance
First Aid CPR AED
Radio Procedures
Chemical Agents
Weaponless Defense/Use of Force
SB 1626 Education Code 38001.5
Emergency Response Haz-Mat for First Responders
School Security Officer
Asset Protection